Uncover Insights That Drive IT Innovation.

A service desk's job doesn't end when an issue is resolved. The thousands of contacts that you receive contain a wealth of insight. We mine this data for trends, common problems, and opportunities for innovation. We distill this into actionable recommendations that can help your organization drive continuous improvement.


"Shift left" to reduce overall support costs


Identifying the types of contacts that are being regularly escalated is key to lowering service desk costs. We identify frequent escalations that could be resolved more quickly by giving first level analysts additional access or information. By "shifting" the resolution of the ticket "left" (from Level 2 to Level 1), you can reduce the cost to resolve that ticket and address the issue more quickly.


Identify trends in volume


By reviewing trends in volume, we help you spot individuals, locations, or departments that represent your “heavy hitters” in terms of support calls. We put together specific recommendations to help address the underlying reasons for the higher volume.


Uncover opportunities for improvement


The service desk is often the only IT group that regularly communicates with your end users. As such, they often have a strong sense for what is going well and what can be improved. CAI's Service Desk understands the importance of this role. As we hear of "situations," we provide suggestions to improve support operations or other business operations. Our goal is to be your business partner, enabling you to be aware of "the pulse" of the organization.

Benchmark against industry metrics

In addition to 20 years of supporting many Service Desk Clients, CAI maintains research on a range of industry statistics. Metrics provided by organizations like the Help Desk Institute and others can help you understand how your organization compares to organizations providing similar support.

Discover the true impact of outages and roll-outs

By linking the tickets that are opened during an outage or during a planned roll-out to a "parent ticket," CAI can provide a monthly summary of the number of tickets logged. We can also provide a summary of the number of calls that are abandoned after the user listens to the emergency front-end message during an unplanned outage. The level of impact to your end user community and to the support team(s) can vary widely. Your team can learn from the events that went well, as well as those that you hope not to repeat in the future.

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