Increase Productivity By Minimizing Contacts.

We believe that the best service desk contacts are the ones that don't need to happen at all. We help identify and implement approaches that eliminate the need for many common contacts, which means not just happier end users, but lower costs as well.


Spot the root cause of your contacts


Many service desk contacts are symptoms of other underlying problems. We help identify these root causes and provide recommendations that will eliminate the need for many common contacts.


Enable self-service


Many types of contacts can be eliminated through the use of a Service Catalog, a menu of actions end users can take without the need to speak to a Service Desk analyst. CAI can help identify services that are good candidates, automate them, and then implement your Service Catalog. Empowering your end users leads to higher client satisfaction.


Promote self-help


Another common contact type is the "How do I do this?" call. Many of these calls can be prevented through easy-to-use self-help channels. Whether it’s a searchable database of FAQs, an up-to-date knowledge base, or automated Instant Messaging capabilities, we help users help themselves.


Service Desks of the Future

This on-demand webinar highlights coming trends in the Service Desk world. Learn how contact elimination, self-service, and an changing workforce will contribute to a changing landscape.

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