Lower Cost Through Quick Resolution.

It's common sense that the more quickly you can resolve an issue, the less it costs; an issue that needs to be escalated requires more people and more time. What's less obvious is the lost productivity that comes with escalated issues. CAI Service Desk ensures your issues are addressed quickly so your employees stay focused.


Keep costs under control


One of the most critical components of service desk cost is the "First Level Resolution" rate. This stat represents the number of contacts successfully resolved without being escalated beyond the service desk.

With an escalated call costing 3-15x more to resolve, it's easy to see what an impact a high FLR can have on your overall costs. Factor in the lost productivity that comes from end users waiting on an escalated issue, and resolving issues quickly becomes even more important.

CAI Service Desk can deliver industry-leading first-level resolution rates, helping your organization keep costs in check and ensuring end users are able to get back to work as quickly as possible.


Create happy end users


Waiting for a service desk issue to be resolved can be a frustrating experience. That's another reason first-level resolution is so important. A quick turnaround and clear communication leads to higher satisfaction and gets people back to work.


Spend a Little; Save a Lot

This webinar highlights the cost savings that come from consistently addressing issues within your help desk without escalation. Learn ten ways you can start improving your "first-level resolution" rate immediately.

10 Ways to Improve First-Level Resolution

Pick up ten key techniques for keeping costs down by taking care of issues before escalation becomes necessary.

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